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The 18th edition of the Festival takes place from Saturday 3rd to Sunday 18th October 2020 with a special edition, completely online.


BergamoScienza is here!

The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has affected 188 countries and countless cities around the world. In the national and international imagination, however, one city in particular has become the symbol of this global tragedy: Bergamo.

Bergamo was the first to see the destructive potential of Covid-19 and the first to respond with extraordinary heroism, generosity and competence. Not only through its doctors, nurses and all the operators at the forefront of the emergency, but also through its citizens and their daily actions.

Bergamo has become a tragic model of what could have happened - and often did, although it was no longer a surprise - in many cities around the world, from New York to London. And now it can become a model of recovery, capable of showing everyone how to get back on their feet. And there is only one way to do that.

From experimental therapies to vaccines, from new strategies for tracking infections to the responsibility of individuals in the transmission of the virus, the only way to move forward is to put science back at the centre: not so much - or not only - as advancing knowledge that produces new technological solutions, but above all as a way of thinking, behaving, choosing.

And Bergamo is a city of science. It was the first to host a major cultural event, the first scientific festival in Italy, and for 17 years every autumn it has invited the world's great scientists - including 26 Nobel Prize winners - and involved the public in fifteen days of workshops, shows and conferences to discover the changing world.

The ability to involve young people in the events of the festival as protagonists and not as spectators has earned the city and the BergamoScienza festival the wishes of President Mattarella, who is well aware of the role of knowledge in freeing the new generations and producing wealth, health, well-being and happiness.

In this special context, the 18th edition of BergamoScienza will be held from Saturday 3rd to Sunday 18th October 2020 with an all-digital edition.

The health emergency does not therefore stop the festival, which, putting the safety of its audience first, is moving to the web for an entirely online version.

Good science to everyone!

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All the events are online and as always free.

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How to Join the events

Conferences, shows and virtual tours
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Digital laboratories, citizen science, workshops
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BergamoScienza, The Festival

Founded in 2003, the BergamoScienza Festival is committed to spreading scientific knowledge through its events. A group of friends – our founding members – came up with this ingenious idea and made it a reality. Every year the festival enlivens the city and province of Bergamo with its packed schedule of events that delve into various realms of science and technology.

The goal is to make science accessible to all, particularly the young and their schools. These events expand the students’ scientific and technical knowledge while encouraging their passions.

This festival is special for three key reasons:

  • the approach used to address and debate the various subjects is engaging and understandable for the general public;
  • the events – every single one – are free of charge;
  • the extensive participation of schools,teachers and, in particular, students who have a role in many of the scientific exhibits.

During the first two weeks of October, the city of Bergamo and its environs become an epicentre of scientific and technological knowledge that has global reverberations. Talks, exhibits, workshops, shows and much more unveil the latest and greatest in science for a whirlwind of exciting, inviting educational moments that strengthen the rapport between science and an aware and informed citizenship.

BergamoScienza, The Association

The BergamoScienza Association was founded in 2005 following the extraordinary success of the first two editions of the BergamoScienza Festival in 2003 and 2004.

A group of long-time friends were the force behind the inaugural festival. All members of SINAPSI, an association dedicated to cultural and social welfare, they decided in 2003 to launch a festival focused on spreading scientific knowledge.

Two years later, the group founded the BergamoScienza Association, a non-profit organization that oversees all aspects of the festival. This important step forward was made possible thanks to the help of the public and private institutions which had promoted the festival’s first two editions: Confindustria Bergamo (industrial association), Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, UBI Banca, University of Bergamo and Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan.

The BergamoScienza Association is recognized by and listed in Bergamo’s prefectural register of legal entities at no. 40.

As outlined in its Statutes and Manifesto, the association has concrete goals: create a new means of spreading scientific knowledge that moulds minds, especially young ones; spark widespread interest in growing through knowledge; ensure that the method of disseminating information is unbiased and accessible and useful for everyone.