Become a member

In order to become a BergamoScienza Association member, you must submit a request to the association’s Board of Directors.
Send an email to providing your name, address, contact information and reason for seeking membership.

Each prospective member must request admission and have the backing of at least two individual or institutional members.The Board of Directors approves new members.

New memberships begin on 1 January of the year in which the request is submitted. The member is required to pay a membership fee and make an annual donation.

For individuals, the membership fee is €200.00. For public and private institutions, the fee is €1,000.00.

Membership in the association is free from commitment and voluntary but members are required to respect the resolutions of its representative bodies, in accordance with the association’s statutes.

Being a member gives you the opportunity to actively participate in the association and its events. 

All members who are 18 or older shall have the right to vote on any changes made to the statutes and regulations as well as appointments to the association’s governing bodies. 
Memberships do not have fixed term limits.

Thanks to member support, science education programmes take place throughout the year at the BergamoScienceCenter.

Members’ highly beneficial contributions also ensure that schools, families and individuals never have to pay to participate in events.


Become a volunteer

Volunteering lets you go behind the scenes at BergamoScienza and play a crucial role in the festival’s success. But, above all, you will meet many other people who are also interested in and enthusiastic about science!

You don’t need to have a science PhD. But it’s important that you are passionate about the subject matter and want to work with the team on this major educational project.

BergamoScienza has volunteer opportunities for everyone. You can be a student, retiree, entrepreneur, you name it. Perhaps you have an hour, three days or six months of free time to volunteer. Help out during the two weeks of the festival or all year long at the BergamoScienceCenter.

You can participate in every single event, provide administrative help, promote BergamoScienza in the schools or come up with your own idea just as long as it’s true to our motto #YESWESCIENCE!

Well, what are you waiting for? Do you want to join the fun as a BergamoScienza volunteer?

Complete the application form and you will be contacted by none other than one of our volunteers :)

For more information, click the link below:



Submit a proposal

Every year in January, BergamoScienza issues an open call for ideas for events for that year’s festival. Schools of all types and levels, institutions, associations, businesses, museums and foundations as well as individuals are encouraged to submit proposals.
You can suggest interactive Talks, Shows, Exhibitions or Workshops that adhere to the festival’s mission (see statutes).

The association wants to emphasize the following points: 

  • During a proposed event, the discussions and debates should be objective and informative, never degenerating into shouting matches
  • The festival’s scientific committee will make the final decision regarding the subject matter and speakers without outside interference;
  • The proposal must be backed by the necessary financial resources to ensure that the BergamoScienza event is free for the public
  • The event must not be used for promoting a business or non-profit other than BergamoScienza and must be limited to the subject matter outlined in the proposal.

The proposals are accepted on a competitive basis. BergamoScienza Association’s Scientific and other relevant committees review the proposals for scientific merit, whereas the budget is evaluated by the Secretary General and the chair of the BergamoScienza Association’s board of directors. 

The festival will accept only submissions of scientific and cultural value that also meet the following requirements: 

  • adheres to the guidelines of the BergamoScienza Association (see Manifesto)
  • is original and based on sound science
  • has national and international importance
  • offers interactivity and encourages active participation
  • presents educational and inspirational benefits for both students and teachers.

Proposals for partnerships and events during the rest of the year can be sent to the association’s secretary who will forward them to the proper committee.

For more information:
BergamoScienza Association
+39 035 215992 

“BergamoScienza is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself that you should always be curious and ask why”.
Fiorenzo Omenetto, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA.

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Our donors are enchanted by science and its mysterious beauty. They recognize its vital importance for the society as a whole. They also firmly believe that educating and preparing young people for careers as well as keeping adults informed helps our society thrive. If you share these values, support BergamoScienza so that we can continue offering free events for all.

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