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Volunteering lets you go behind the scenes at BergamoScienza and play a crucial role in the festival’s success. But, above all, you will meet many other people who are also interested in and enthusiastic about science!

You don’t need to have a science PhD. But it’s important that you are passionate about the subject matter and want to work with the team on this major educational project.

BergamoScienza has volunteer opportunities for everyone. You can be a student, retiree, entrepreneur, you name it. Perhaps you have an hour, three days or six months of free time to volunteer. Help out during the two weeks of the festival or all year long at the BergamoScienceCenter.

You can participate in every single event, provide administrative help, promote BergamoScienza in the schools or come up with your own idea just as long as it’s true to our motto #YESWESCIENCE!

Well, what are you waiting for? Do you want to join the fun as a BergamoScienza volunteer?

Complete the application form and you will be contacted by none other than one of our volunteers :)

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